The Official Guide to DubStep Software

Are you looking for a legit dubstep maker? If so, I hope you find my tips about dubstep software helpful.

As a semi-professional DJ, throughout the years I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying out different beat making software. After doing tons of research for my first dubstep software, I finally purchased DubTurbo Version 2.0 Software and I am really happy with my decision.

digital audio workstation user interface

Why DubTurbo over others? One of the main reasons I chose DubTurbo starting off is because it saves your music in 44.1 hz Wav files which allows you to make money selling your beats. With Dubturbo, it’s an easy way to make a few hundred selling your beats and drops. The best part is the 44.1 hz Wav files are the industry standard, meaning your beats will be in high demand over lesser quality files from other dubstep software.

Once you produce your first dubstep song you’ll be hooked.  Trust me. All you need is a computer. And your friends, well, they will be amazed when they listen to your dirty tracks. And the girls? They will love your dubstep vibrations, how can they not with DubTurbo?

free dubstep software

I started off wanting to make dubstep just like you. Soon after I made my first tracks and remixes I posted them on the internet, got some likes, a few thousand views, respect of my listeners, and then I was playing shows and getting paid!

Now, as a full time DJ focusing on Dubstep, I get a lot of questions from beginners on how to make dubstep that sounds like Skrillex, deadmau5, and Rusko! There are three things that are key to getting into producing digital music.

Three Things Every Dubstep Maker Should Consider Before Purchasing Beat Making Software:

    1. What Medium do you want to use to make music? Vinyl, Cds, or Digital Software? There are advantages and disadvantages to each one.  I always recommend software for beginners because it is the most affordable route. If you just want to focus on dubstep, then digital is your route.
    2. Nine out of ten times getting cheap software = poor equipment which = crap dubstep. Don’t fall for wannabe software.
    3. Buy DubTurbo if you are serious – Why? Because it doesn’t suck, if you upgrade your rig you will still use dubturbo.  It’s affordable and comes fully loaded with everything you need to get started. Oh yeah, and if you get good enough you can make money of your music files!

For beginners, getting started can be expensive if you go the hardware and studio route. We are talking about thousands of dollars. You will have to buy a Digital DJ Controller, a mixer, and much more expensive equipment.  That’s why I recommend starting off with software known as Digital Audio Workstation.

If you’re on a budget for a good DAW software that can make filthy dirty bass sounds and more, get Dubturbo software. It’s what I used to start making dubstep beats years ago and I still use it to this days.

3 Professional Features You Must Know About DubTurbo:

1)     DubTurbo Comes Preloaded with High Quality Presets and Samples:

If you’re dreaming of quality music, then you will need quality sample files and presets. The majority of beat making programs offer weak samples and presets that are barely MP3 quality. Let me get this

straight, MP3 quality is fine if you want to upload your music to the internet. However, if you are serious about beat making you will need higher quality audio files like 44.1 hz Wav files.

Fortunately, dubturbo music files are 44.1 hz Wav files. This is a must have when considering any dubstep maker. 44.1 hz Wav files are the industry standard when it comes to selling your files.  On top of this, the higher quality music files makes your music sound way better than the compressed MP3 format.

dubturbo comes loaded with presets

2)     At The Click Of The Mouse, Hundreds of Drum Kits and Beats

You should know that the drum beat you choose is the foundation for your song. When making dubstep the worst thing that can happen is that you have lousy drums and beats. Weak drum beats can be extremely limiting. I was always extremely impressed with the customized drum kits that dubturbo comes loaded with. You will have dozens of kits to choose from and lots of abilities for tweaking sounds.

dubturbo drum kit beats

3)     The DubTurbo Sequencer  - Powerful

Most beat maker programs are extremely limiting. They only allow you to create 4 bar tracks or measure loops. If you’re a beginner I guess this is fine, but if you want to become a serious dubstep maker then you need a sequencer that allows you to create complete songs.

This is why you need a dubstep maker with at least a 16 track sequencer. With the DubTurbo 16 track sequencer you can layer each measure or edit custom bars. The point of this is so you can easily structure your songs for verses, bridges, pre-chouruses, hooks, breakdowns, drops, and much more.

dubturbo sequencer and interface

In Summary, you are going to want a good dubstep maker to make quality dubstep music.  Good doesn’t have to equate to expensive. And for reading my review this far, you can visit this page for a 15% Off coupon.

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Other DubStep Making Software – Reason Dubstep and Logic Dubstep:

Once you reach novice or professional status, you will unfortunately need to invest in software more powerful. You can be certain that you’re buying the industry standard software with tons of tools, support, plugins, and tutorials with the following top of the line programs:


Logic Studio for Dubstep

If you run a Mac, Logic is worth the cost. It’s one of the best pieces of beat making software on the market.  As an amateur, the intuitive user friendly interface makes it a pretty quick learn.  That’s one of the reasons why it’s one of the most commonly used beat making softwares by electronic music producers today. That’s always a good sign you’re on the right track.


It comes loaded with a pro engine and plug-ins that blows most of the competition away.  If you’ve got a Mac and are looking to upgrade, Logic for dubstep is worth every penny. From my experience, it is a  fun piece of software to make dubstep on.


Reason 5 for Dubstep

Unlike Logic Studio, Reason 5 works on both PC’s and Macs. Reason is one of the most favorite dubstep makers for dubstep producers. It comes loaded with Gigabytes of synths, compressors, vocoders, drum samples, loops, and anything else you can think of. It’s definitely a contender to be one of the best DAW’s on the market.  If you are looking to upgrade, consider Reason 5.