If you are looking for a free dubstep maker unfortunately free versions don’t exist. If you are lucky though you might be able to find trial versions of DubTurbo beat making software.

The reason for this is because for a company to make dubstep software it requires software developers and programmers which equates to money. No one is going to spend time and money to create dubstep software to give it away for free.

Fortunately, making dubstep doesn’t require a big budget or a studio. All you need is a type of software on your computer known as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Simply download the software and you can instantly make dubstep beats and much more. The advantage of installing software is that the power of beat making increases exponentially in comparison to a free dubstep maker.

If you haven’t read my dubstep maker article where I give a rundown on the dubstep software I use and have researched then I highly recommend you visit that page. It will answer most of your dubstep software questions.

And if you are a complete beginner looking for a dubstep maker for free, I highly recommend Dubturbo. It is affordable, user friendly, powerful, and it allows you to make money by selling your high quality music files. Check it out!